Tuesday, November 20, 2007


After our weekly visit to Bubba's house, the boy and I spotted a hawk of some sort on our back fence. I had seen him before, but my camera isn't the greatest when it comes to taking a picture quickly. Unless of course, you would really enjoy a blurry shot of nothing!

I started by taking a picture from the inside, which looked awful. So, I wandered quietly into the lanai to snap a few. They would have been ok, but I hate the look of screening in front of pictures.

The boy was hoping it was an owl, and we really couldn't tell from that distance. So, I decided to open our lanai door and risk scaring him off. He wasn't the least bit phased by me. He would look around, almost as if he acknowledged me at one point, and allow me to take pictures. So, I of course obliged him and took more than enough. Bubba had the idea of taking the pictures to my favorite Bird Sanctuary for an ID on the type of hawk. We are thinking of going next week to ask.

Here he/she is. (Note:Please disregard my neighbors house in the back, they have been doing work on it.)

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