Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grammie the Librarian

I think we are pretty lucky to have our own personal librarian. I know the boy sure does. He has now realized the wealth of this, and anxiously checks "the chair" for new books each time we go to Bubba and Grammie's house.

Seeing as my two local libraries pretty much cater to the elderly population, and don't appear to enjoy children that much. Cause, you know, they actually make a noise while walking...and by that I mean their feet. I do have two librarians who are great and love the boy, but apparently they have been moved or quit. I miss them. Really, I do miss my two favorite librarians. I get attached.

So, the boy has been looking through his books and mentioned that we might need a trip to the library. I was feeling the anxiousness these libraries now cause me, but I'm always game for him. He doesn't sense the animosity inside. But, I was mistaken. He doesn't want to go to THAT library. He wants to go to Grammie's library. The library on the chair. And, he has an old one to the chair.

So, soon we'll be making a trip to Grammie's library. He's got his bag ready.


Likestrek said...

This somewhat surprises me about your libraries. We even allow one of the students to bring her French Bulldog Carnie to our library...Cheer up, thosde librarians will drop dead eventually...

Anonymous said...

Frankly, we should be allowed to make whatever noise he wants to! We always complain in this country that kids don't read. Here's a kid who really wants to but no, we can't have that! :-)