Saturday, November 10, 2007


Our Cat has lived with us for 10+ years, and he is completely different than any other Cat I've known. In his first year of life we found out he needed almost $1500 in surgery costs, which was hard to come up with. It was either fix his knees which wouldn't hold his body, or well, something you can figure out. So, the surgery has obviously saved his life, and given him a happy stress free journey with us.

He knew that I was pregnant well before I thought it was possible. He would nudge my belly, purr right against my belly, and sleep completely against my belly. I thought it was odd, but then again he is known for being odd.

I'll admit I was a bit worried about how he would react to having a baby in the house. Mainly because he had always been my baby. I didn't know if he'd feel jealous and try to take it out on the baby. I knew we'd find a way to fix any problems that may have arose, but still it crossed my mind.

The minute I walked into the house with the Boy, our Cat surprised me. He played the roll of protector. If anyone visited, he would jump right up and keep the Boy within eyesight. If the boy cried, he'd be right there with me anxiously like we was trying to make sure I was fixing the baby. Sometimes I sensed he got impatient with me for not nursing him quick enough. It was pretty funny and amazing all at once.

Now the Boy and the Cat are friends. They seek each other out during the day. He will somehow get the Boy to ask me if we can give him treats multiple times a day. And, they will play. My Cat steals the boys Lego's and runs away with them in his mouth. My son loves this and will chase him giggling. The Boy will play with this ratty toy we affectionately call the "bird mouse" with the Cat for long periods of time. It's great.

But, the Cat is still my baby. At night I can always depend on a quick nip to my arm. He does this so I know he needs me to move my arm. Because, a cat can't comfortably sleep against my head, if my arm is in the way.


Likestrek said...

Doodle is the only cat I have ever met thatr could completely care less about me. I find that rather disturbing. Maybe he heard the Boy saying "I'll eat him..." :)

C said...

He's just not very social. He never has been, so don't take it personally. :)

Likestrek said...

Oh, I don't. I just find it very odd.