Friday, November 9, 2007


We started the morning out finding a couple patches of clover. They were growing around some unknown name transplants I moved about 2 months ago. I almost ripped them out with some other weeds, but luckily I stopped. Of course, we did notice none were of the four leaf variety.

The most exciting part of today's discoveries were the oranges. They are now a bit yellow and a wee bit bigger. The "cold" snap we've had this week has really done it's job. Soon, we'll have a tree full of ripe oranges. None of us can wait.

I have to add that we have really done nothing but prune our fruit trees. We give them a little fertilizer each year, and water when it's really dry. They just seem to flourish by themselves. We've had no bug problems(crosses fingers!)thus far, and have just enjoyed watching them grow.

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