Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Herbs, Veggies and Learning

Currently residing in our lanai are some plants that have been a learning experience for me. I have never grown veggies with much luck, herbs either. I have tried over the years, and made sure I planted ones that were "impossible" to kill. Well, I have done the "impossible" many times.

The boy and I purchased 6 new small plants. And, with the exception of the spearmint and peppermint that seemed to turn brown the minute my hands touched them, all are growing! They are in their original packaging at the moment, but we are going to construct a trough like planter to put them in. I've used the lemon balm and basil already, and there really is no comparison for fresh herbs. Mmmm.

I've not forgotten about my half decaying spearmint and peppermint though. I have planted them in a safe place in my yard with hopes of a sort of rebirth for them. It can happen, or so I've read by encouraging expert gardeners. Crossing my fingers.

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