Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Real Pants

We've entered another stage, which I'm enjoying, with the Boy. He's always been fairly particular about which clothes he wants to wear. This includes when he could not dress himself. I've always liked that he makes choices, and we have done our best to make sure he always has options.

We were visiting with Bubba and Grammie the other day. The Boy casually was checking out the pants we had brought out of the "winter" closet. He noticed the button, and started getting very focused on that button. I finally asked him if something was wrong. The furrowed brow and fidgeting fingers made me realize this wasn't something that would pass.

The problem? The button was a fake button. It didn't work. The even bigger issue? The place where the zipper should be? It's sewn without an actual zipper. I find this mildly amusing, but immediately realize he doesn't.

This whole week has been the Boy going through his clothes with great care. Elastic waist pants? No. No. No. Only sweat pants are allowed to be button and zipper free. If there isn't a real button and a real zipper on any pair of pants? Those are not real pants, and big boys certainly don't wear anything but real pants. Or so I am told.

I'm completely and utterly loving age FOUR!

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