Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It was absolutely beautiful today. The Boy and I made our planned trip to the animal sanctuary and the weather was perfect. I cannot say the same for the animal sanctuary. We were unable to visit inside because a school had reserved a time slot, and of course it was when we were there. I'm pretty sure we'll be heading back tomorrow morning though.

Instead we spent some time wandering through our beloved Mangrove Bridge. There are always an assortment of creatures around, and I usually forget to snap any pictures. I was too slow to catch any shots of the fiddler crabs, but oh how great they are!

After spending a good amount of the morning there, we headed to another nearby park to enjoy our packed picnic. It's different this time of year because of the return of the "snowbirds". They are our wintering humans from the north. You can always tell when they are back because it is impossible to drive, walk or bike at a decent speed. But, they do contribute to our economy here, or so I'm told.

Now for some pictures.

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