Saturday, November 24, 2007

And then the grass was covered

We woke up this morning to a strange site in the back yard. Randomly splattered across the yard were orange balls. Small tiny fruit like balls, that were indeed oranges. I couldn't count how many were there. Twenty seems like a good guess, but there may have been more.

There are many theories as to what happened. I figured some of our young squirrel friends had knocked them down, or maybe some birds. The boy figured it was the wind. Although, there hasn't really been too much wind these days. My husband has placed blame on the neighbor kids. Probably since our neighbors next door have an orange tree as well, and they enjoy throwing things into our yard.

My husband may be right, although I can't figure out what they'd be doing outside throwing oranges past 11pm. Maybe it was early morning? Either way, our tree actually looks like it's only missing a couple oranges.

The neighbor kids are young, and I believe the oldest are 7. They are twins with mischievous grins. We rarely see them, but they were trying to chop one of our palm trees down one afternoon.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this entry, so I shall end it. But, I'm watching for flying oranges tonight because we already have a big enough mess to clean up tomorrow.

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