Thursday, November 29, 2007

Plastic bags

I grew up in a household where we recycled just about everything. I used to be embarrassed when I was young and would have my friends over. I used to wonder why my Mom had to do something that none of my friends Mom's would do. She would always request paper bags when asked by the bagger at the store. She would bring ratty old used paper bags each and every shopping trip. As the years went on, she would add some canvas bags to her paper bag collection in the car trunk.

We also had a compost pile, but that will have to be for another day.

Now I understand her drive to do this. I'm thankful that she spent my youth stressing the importance of saving the earth. She never did it in a way that alienated anyone either. It was just a fact if you knew my Mom.

I recycle, and it is much easier now than when I was growing up. I just set out my bins and the recycle truck picks them up for me. I also take the tin cans to the bird sanctuary as a donation.

I have some bags that I use each time I shop at the grocery store. The main issue is I need some more, and preferably a bag that can smoosh up easily and hold a lot. So I've been searching for a strong reliable new bag. I've found a few ideas at this site: Eco-Bags. I can't verify how well they work, but I have read about them in the past.

Just a note on plastic bag consumption. I do reuse my plastic bags for cat litter changes and bathroom trash can liners. I do not throw them out, ever. But, the amount that are used? Here is a link if you'd like to read more: Reusable Bags.

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