Sunday, November 11, 2007


I know I've mentioned my orange tree a lot lately. We've been pretty excited to get some homegrown Florida oranges right in our backyard. And then today happened.

We were all out back this afternoon. We being: my husband, myself and our son. I was checking on my hibiscus, and the boy was tackling my husband. It was just an average Sunday afternoon here.

Until my husband is suddenly showing me a green piece of fruit. This fruit still has it's branch attached to it. He's inspecting it, the entire small poor green fruit. He points out a couple tiny fly like bugs on it. I'm still staring in horror. I'm thinking he will give me some explanation of the accident that must have caused this.

He says to me with glee "I think these are LIMES!" I still can't quite think of the words to say. My son is jumping up and down screaming "Can we eat it? Is it ready? LET'S EAT IT!".

We all walk back to our chairs. My husband asks for a knife, to check this situation out. The entire time I have been watching him warm up the "lime" and smell it. So, I grab a knife and he starts by cutting the top off.

He smells again, and let's me take a good long whiff. It does indeed smell like lime. It was so fragrant I had a sudden desire to drink a margarita. He then drinks some of the juice, and I of course do the same. Hmm, it really is lime-like. So, he just slices it open.

It looks oddly like orange seeds, and like an orange. My husband take a small bite and says "Weird. It kind of tastes like an orange when you bite into it." He then decides to just toss it out into our backyard collection of coconut shells. And, he has completely moved on.

Now, I'm not sure what all this means. Some people down here call the trees just plain old "citrus" trees. As in, you could get any type of citrus any given year. I know my husbands friend ate one of the leaves(on purpose) and just said "Citrus tree. Could be grapefruit this year." Hmm. So, the yellow ones? Maybe they are going to become lemons? I am completely thinking this could be pretty interesting for us this time around.

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