Monday, November 5, 2007


I added a new badge link on the side. After years of thinking about how commercialized the holidays are, I decided to actually make a change. I decided instead of complaining about it; I'm going to act.

My extended family has had a wonderful tradition for many years now. They all gather together and exchange gifts. Only, these gifts must be homemade. They all pick a name each Christmas, and have the entire year to come up with something. While my Gram was alive, I used to watch her think about what she would create. Sometimes a beautiful crocheted doilie, an afghan, dish cloths, towels, her famous peanut butter fudge would be made for the lucky recipient. She would always come home with something handmade especially for her. She would cherish them. It wasn't just the adults involved, the children were just as excited.

So, this year my husband, son and I have decided to participate in the handmade pledge. We are really looking forward to this. It will be a bit of a challenge I think, but the type of challenge we'll enjoy.


Tara said...

Yay for handmade! I'm going to make granola and knit string bags for gifts this year. :-)

C said...

Oh, I love home made granola! Those sound like great ideas :)