Friday, November 16, 2007

Blogs and moving forward

It's been hard coming up with an entry each day. I think I give most of my energy away during the day, and completely draw a blank by evening. It isn't that there aren't things I would like to discuss, but more that I don't feel I can add much to the conversation. If that makes sense.

I've been reading a lot of blogs this week, and I'm always amazed at the clarity in which they write. I haven't been blogging long, and maybe jumping into the NaBloPoMo was a bit too much. I'm sticking with it because it has been a good experience thus far.

This brings me to a conversation I had with my husband last night. I've been really thinking about formally studying herbalism for many years now. I have been studying on my own for years, and I feel like there is so much more I want to learn. It isn't really a career or income based choice. I feel it is just something that has been calling me for years. I enjoy it. Simple as that. The more I read about herbs, the more I want to learn.

Next year, which isn't really that far off, I'm going to start a formal correspondence course. I would love to actually attend, but that isn't possible at this time. Right now I am narrowing my choices down, but I've always felt like Rosemary Gladstar is the right teacher for me.

It's a big step forward, and I'm counting down the months.

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