Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Yard

When we moved to this house we had very few ideas about changing the yard. We excepted what was planted, and really didn't see the need to add much.

Fast forward, to when we moved back to our house here, we suddenly had the urge to really make this yard work for us. During the clearing, we found a tree that turned out to be invasive. We have been thinning them out, but they are a constant battle. I think we realized why they are invasive within the first month. The little seedlings spread like wildfire, and it goes to seed constantly.

We have planted some Crotons to replace part of the natural fence we had to take down due to the Brazilian Pepper Tree. They are colorful and will grown to a nice height.

Now that the mosquitoes appear to be a smaller bunch, it is really peaceful to sit out back in the early evening. We have a family of squirrels that play and hop from tree to tree. There are many types of birds, hawks and even vultures who visit. I'm still trying to capture all the butterflies who frequent our flowers. It's nice and quaint here.

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