Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The seasons here for growing food run a bit different then where I'm from originally. During the winter, the abundance of veggies and fruits start. Tomorrow is a day we've been particularly anticipating for a couple months.

A local farmers market has finally opened! I'm not sure how many stands will be there, and I know it will be small. The one stand I'm positive will be there is from a local organic farm. We were members of their CSA for a couple years, and the taste of farm fresh produce........well you can't compare.

The boy and I will be there for the grand "opening" with bags in hand. I'm hoping to maybe find some more like minded people while we are there, and maybe they will have kids.

I know they will be there for at least four Wednesdays, so we're hoping for a good turn out. I'd like them to stay for the entire growing season which typically ends at the beginning of May.

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