Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Pineapple Plant

Yesterday was Saturday, and my son and I always spend the morning with Bubba. After some discussion, we drove out to our favorite garden center. Bubba came along and I think he enjoyed himself.

My goal was too look and not buy. Actually, the best option was to completely have blinders on. Once I see the beautiful plants that can easily be grown here, I find myself immediately plotting where each plant good go in my yard. I'm running out of room. Unless I completely get rid of any space for my son to play in. Which, I don't want to do.

I informed Bubba ahead of time of my dilemma, and he promised to make sure I didn't make a purchase. And, though I was tempted, no purchase was made. Even when I saw the beautiful Desert Rose, I smiled and turned my head away.

But, as we were on our way out, I spotted something that just looked peculiar. I thought it was some type of aloe plant with a pineapple stuck in the middle. I had to get a better look, and I should have known better. It was a pineapple plant.

I thought about that plant all night, and then early this morning over coffee, I mentioned it to my husband. I saw a little spark flicker across his eyes too. We may be adding one of these to our front yard. Just need to wait for it to get above 55 degrees F this morning.

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Likestrek said...

I see you figured out how to refer to previous posts. I've done it, as you probably remember, at least once myself.