Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is it Saturday today???

Every morning after eating breakfast, the boy will ask "Is it Saturday today?". He asks this because if it is indeed Saturday, we will be taking a drive over to Bubba's house. He looks forward to Saturday's almost as much as Christmas. The stories he saves for Bubba are always interesting, and Bubba always has time to listen.

I always feel so happy watching my Dad and my boy together. I see a bond developing that they created on their own, with no help from anyone. It's been there from the start and only gotten stronger.

It reminds me of my own bonds with each of my grandparents. Each unique in their own way. Each special with their own memories.

We have only 7 days until the next Saturday.

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TechnoDude said...

How beautiful is in this? I've always known you were a gifted child, but I had no idea you could write like that! I think the way that yoour little man is growing up is a testament to the wonderful person that you are. I love you so much!