Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My blood, it has thinned

I have been living in the south for a bit over 3 years. There was a brief 4 month stint back up to New England, but all in all, I've been in the south. I'm a New Englander by birth, or a yankee as they call me down here. With the exception of a few bumper stickers saying "Go Home YANKEE!!!", people are very welcoming here.

Random strangers have this way of finding out my life history. They seem to have this knack of making me just chatter away, which is not how I am by nature. And, honestly, I love it.

When I first moved, I used to laugh at how the winter jackets, hats and gloves would be brought out when it got a bit cooler out. You know, 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I went through my second winter down here. And, wouldn't you know it DOES feel cold after you've gone through a hot, humid summer.

There are subtle seasons here. I can feel them. I'm actually really learning to love them. I don't think we will permanently root ourselves in this particular area of the south, but I'm thankful that we made this move. I have learned so much down here. Not only about nature, but about myself too.


Likestrek said...

I know what you mean. I now find the apartment at 76 degrees not hot...

C said...

Yes, I remember it being a bit toasty there!