Thursday, October 18, 2007


It was a busy day for the birthday boy, who is now FOUR! He had many plans of what we should do for his day. Simple sounding to most, they mean a whole lot to him.

We had to have the special flower necklace:Lei, not real of course. Lots of candles for his birthday cake, which was "Coconut Heaven Cupcakes" from my extremely tattered copy of Vegan with a Vengeance. He made the cake with me of course!

We spent the rest of the day playing with some new gifts, preparing one of his favorite dinners again from Vegan with a Vengeance, and of course much time in the back yard playing and digging in the mud. We also had a surprise visit from Bubba in the evening with a gift that has magically incorporated Spiderman and mud digging.

It was a fun day for all. This morning though? Apparently he was thinking it might still possibly be his birthday. In which case 5am sounds like a great time to get up and start the day. So, I'm drinking from a pot of my favorite coffee, writing this and spilling crumbs all over the computer from my all time favorite muffin recipe: "The Best Pumpkin Muffins" from, you guessed it: Vegan with a Vengeance.

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Likestrek said...

We celebrate birthdays all week at my house so I can understand that. I'm not big on coconut but I love pumpkin muffins!