Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Helper

There aren't many days when I'm cooking, reading, gardening, etc. that I don't have a certain boy "helping" right along beside me. He's been doing this with glee for a few years now, and it gives us some special time together. Just us two.

He really enjoys making mud, which is tough in a drought, and always has a pair of gardening gloves handy. Actually, make that 2 sets. I can always find remnants of his "work" anywhere in my home, yard and even my car. He's one of the best weed pullers around, and actually giggles while spraying dirt from the roots. We usually both are covered in "mud" by snack time.

And he has a love of taking pictures, as you can see in his picture. That little foot sticking out makes me laugh. When it comes to life, he really is my best teacher.

1 comment:

Likestrek said...

I love the fact you manage to have pics of him without actually having pics of him...