Friday, October 26, 2007

Dear Neighbor(s)

I realize that when you are angry about something it is very important for you to jump into your truck, grind all the grass off your lawn(where you enjoy parking), squeal out onto the street AND my driveway, leave skid marks that are oh so long, etc. I am personally not someone who shows anger in that way, but I have noticed you enjoy it. To each his own. But could you be a bit more aware of backing up so fast into my driveway? I was standing there with my son as he rode his bike. He's 4 you know.

And to my other neighbor. While we are at our mailboxes, and my son is jumping up and down screaming "The mailman has brought us mail!!!", I know you could hear us. I feel kind of strange when you keep your head turned completely the other way, so as not to make any type of eye contact with me. I have no idea how you found the way back to your house, with your head turned and all.

Thanks, your friendly(REALLY!)neighbor

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