Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sustainable living and trying to buy local

I have been reading a lot of books and articles on the importance of buying your food local. Be it from the farmers market, joining a CSA, or trying to find items that are local from your grocery store. It can seem like a never ending battle at times. But, I do try because I hate to buy that Mango that has been shipped from New Zealand just because I want a mango. There is an importance and humbleness that comes with eating with the seasons.

This leads me to a dream that seems so unattainable for my family right now. I've been longing to live far out in the country, possibly on a small farm. Attempting to grow a lot of the food we eat and learning so many lessons from nature. It is the desire to actually see the bounty of my hard work. I even consider getting a couple hens for eggs, and I haven't eaten eggs over 7 years.

But, for now I'm enjoying learning. Learning what plants and vegetables will grow in my own backyard. Seeing where the produce I buy actually comes from. Hoping to make more drives to the farmers markets that are both north and south of me. And teaching my son to respect this planet we share. Because days like today, I'm really worried about the future.

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Likestrek said...

You can have eggs and not eat them. My grandmother makes more than one thing, breakfast mostly, that she doesn't eat...