Thursday, January 31, 2008

My cat

I think anyone with a pet understands that bond you share with them. I grew up always having a pet as part of our family. Actually, I should re-phrase that to I grew up always having a cat sleeping on my head.

A little over a week ago we made the decision to adopt a cat from the local humane society. We used to have two cats, but sadly lost one a couple years ago. When we first saw this cat we knew she was the right match. The adoption process was a bit different then previous shelter adoptions I have done, and by that I mean they literally seem to just give you the animal and push you out the door.

I got her home, and she was rightfully a bit nervous. My cat was rightfully a bit angry, but he took it much better than I expected. By the night time though, the adopted cat "Miss Lily" was just not acting right. She was sneezing and coughing, her eyes looked funny and she wouldn't eat or drink.

By morning she was sneezing green mucous, and was not doing well. She was wheezing and having trouble breathing. Of course, this wass a Saturday. Most vets are closed. After speaking to a couple very helpful vets at the emergency clinic, it was determined she wouldn't make it. As in, she was extremely sick with a URI.

I then was told to bleach my ENTIRE home and everywhere Miss Lily had been. Not an easy feat, but I did it. I was then instructed to keep an eye on my cat, Nicodemus, who we call "Doodle". Not only did we lose the adopted cat, but URI's are extremely contagious. It's airborne, as well as living on surfaces for weeks.

Well, Doodle started sneezing last Friday. He was still himself, eating and playing and causing a normal raucous. As of Sunday, I felt he was sneezing way too much. Our new vet got us right in on Monday, and said he sounded great. She prescribed antibiotics because this shelter is known to have very sick cats and the strain is very hard to treat. But, in a home setting she felt it would be much easier to treat. She wasn't really concerned about it.

Well, we are heading back in this afternoon. He isn't acting right and he is still sneezing and coughing. I am thankful he is eating and drinking, but the guilt I am feeling over this is huge. I just want him to feel well. I have done reading online about it, and honestly I'll just wait to see what the vet says today.


Likestrek said...

Poor Doodle! I hope he feels better soon. I know what kind of agony it must be for you. ::Hugs::

Cathy said...

Thanks. I'm waiting on a call from the vet on blood work. I'll write more later.

Our Lovely Life said...

Oh, poor kitty! I'm so sorry your kitty is sick. I hope he can fight it and get better. Someone needs to do something about a place adopting out such sick animals!

Cathy said...

Thank you, Our Lovely Life :) I am trying to figure out who to report the shelter to. I have heard stories now about how often this happens :( So sad.