Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We've been searching for some homeschool/unschool type groups around us. Not because we feel we need to have an actual group to actively homeschool, but because it would be nice to find some like minded people. I feel pretty confident in our decision to home school. And, Florida is actually pretty homeschool friendly.

I found a group that has weekly get togethers, as well as family activities. It appears to be a wide age range, which I think will be great for the Boy. We'll be giving them a shot on Monday. Most of our friends here have kids in school. During the school week the playgrounds are empty. We're looking for a change.

We also were lucky enough to spot our dear new friend, the peacock this morning. My camera actually worked when I needed it too. His friend with him is what the locals so lovingly refer to as a "chicken duck". We have flocks of them here.

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