Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The Boy has always liked putting things together. Actually, taking things apart seems to be even more enjoyable for him. I think he takes after his father.

While running some errands this past weekend we took a trip down the toy area of Target. The Boy immediately noticed the different boxed kits they had. I had my eye on the knit sock monkey kit, but it looked a bit complicated for a four year old. That is when I saw a box stuffed behind some other toys. It was a birdhouse kit. We decided to try it out. If we had the tools necessary to make a birdhouse from scratch at home, I would have much preferred it.

Here are some pictures. The final resting place for the birdhouse was after trying out almost every tree in our yard. We settled on this one because we can view it from our window, and in particular the Boy's window.

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