Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today is voting day here in Florida. I just never made it to the early voting booths, which I had planned. So, the Boy and I went today.

I decided not to talk politics at all on the blog because, well, I'm not up for discussing it. I believe everyone should vote, and that is all I will say.

I am going to share the "excitement" that went on at my local voting place. While the boy and I were making our choice for our parties presidential candidate, the woman next to me threw up her arms and literally screamed "NOOOOOOOO! I am not a DAMN DEMOCRAT!" Much to the dismay of the little old ladies who were volunteering their time. I glance at her briefly, then decide she will be OK.

Not one minute later, she is still yelling obscenities. Only, she is doing this from the dirty floor. I guess when she registered to vote somehow she became a democrat....but she's republican. The old ladies are completely panicked. I'm trying to explain to the Boy that this woman won't hurt anyone, she's just a bit angry at the moment.

I smiled down at her and told her I thought it was something they could fix. She stared at me with such venom that I had to look away. Then she proceeded to say "You look like one of those DAMN democrats that I am trying to prevent from getting into office."

Pressing the "VOTE" button at that particular moment seemed to be the best solution. We did get our stickers, and I did explain to the Boy that she'd be just fine. Unless of course, the election goes to the "DAMN DEMOCRATS".

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Likestrek said...

THis morning on the Early Show, Harry Smith said that if Guiliani didn't win in FL, it would be "Goodbye Rudy Tuesday..." The library had the song stuck in our heads all morning...