Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flame Throwing

It's pretty strange to walk into your backyard and see children playing there. Especially when you only have one child, and he's next to you. I almost had that feeling you get when you are confused about your whereabouts in a dream. It was surreal for a moment.

They all are quick to be friendly and say "Hi!!!!!" in unison. I don't actually know these children, but they are from my neighborhood. I've seen them around. They were all between ten and thirteen years old.

I say "Hi" once I realize it is my yard they are in. One immediately covers something, and the girl starts complimenting uncontrollably. "Your yard is SOOO pretty! The flowers here are SOOOO pretty! You are SOOOO pretty!!!" I smile, but I know something is up. So, I tell them I'm heading in maybe they should head on home. They jump down from the tree, and head back through my neighbors broken fence. I say before they disappear "You might want to put out that cigarette guys." They all suck in their breath and run in shock.

I'm inside and not even five minutes later I see flames coming through my trees in the back corner. Then I see even more flames, and I can see a lot of kids there. I run out with images of just plain disaster to be found. I yell to them to stop for a minute, but they obviously all ran away. All except the two youngest, who are three and six.

I talked to them and they were more than willing to tell me everything. Apparently the older kids were babysitting and no parents were home. The kids took two lighters, kerosene(which I could smell immediately), rags and aerosol cans. They were making fire as well as homemade flame throwers. I guess part of the fence caught on fire too. I explained that I wasn't mad but didn't want anyone to get hurt. They seemed fine, but I was shaken.

I hosed everything down with water. We have a lot of brush back there, plus a natural fence that would be quick to catch on fire. I don't want anything to happen to anyone, and I also don't want a fire in my yard. We shall see.

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Likestrek said...

My neighbors just had keggers when the parents were away...