Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update on my Cat

My regular vet wasn't in, so I got the part time vet. He was extremely excitable, and I don't think he was out of vet school very long. Either way, he had me in tears within 5 minutes of talking. He rambled on about all these things that would basically be the end of my cat, so we needed to do this, and this, and this.

After crying, and asking a ton of questions, I opted for the blood CBC. And, of course their CBC machine was broke. I had to wait until the next day for Doodle's results. He changed the antibiotic to Clavamox and gave us eye and nose drops.

They called with his results today. All looked great. His white blood count was down a bit, but that is expected with a virus such as URI. After they apologized for the other vet completely freaking me out, I thanked them.

Doodle is acting better from the URI, but he's not doing well on the Clavamox. For a cat that has consistently ate through this entire illness, his tummy is upset enough to cause him not to eat very much. Plus, his eyes stay dilated from the eye drops and I can't find out if that's normal. He's had trouble with Clavamox in the past, and this time is no different. So, I'll call the vet in the morning to see what to do next.

He did curl up on my head tonight. Something he hasn't done since he started getting sick. My poor baby.


Our Lovely Life said...

I'm glad to hear that his test results were good. I hope he gets better very soon! Try giving him some bland food, such as jarred meat baby food. My cats always seem to eat that when they feel sick. I think if you can get a little something in his tummy it may help. Let us know how he's doing!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't thought about trying the baby food. He'd probably like that! He's is feeling a bit more himself today.