Monday, February 11, 2008

My garden can cause trouble

My poor plants are fighting during this dry weather we've been having. And, I follow our water restrictions which in turn has caused some of my plants to look pretty wilted.

I can water today, and I looked forward to giving the old plants a good soak. Until I realized while watering my yellow hibiscus tree, that my hose is great for watering neighbors too. First I heard a mumble, then a yell and I briefly saw my neighbor in the back jump up above the privacy fence. I guess he was working on his machinery back there and I got him and the machinery wet.

I felt bad because this isn't the first instance. I'm not sure why he has tons of machinery behind that fence, but it is basically holding his fence up. I have wet both him and his elderly father. Actually, my husband has too. We are irresponsible water people.

Time to get myself a better watering handle for the house. Possibly, a longer hose that actually reaches the plants I'm trying to water. Home depot has been calling me actually. Ever since I saw those beautiful plants on sale yesterday. If I purchase them, we have a perfect spot.

For the record, he's not mad. Just a tad....watered.

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Anonymous said...

That was funny!