Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tiny Greenhouse

First, I apolgize for the pictures. My camera isn't the best of the bunch, and is pretty finicky lately. Actually, I fight with my camera on a daily basis. So, the lighting may look a bit strange.

We picked up a small kit while purchasing some soil for a new project in the backyard garden. It is a tiny cactus growing greenhouse. The Boy did everything himself, even planting the teeny tiny seeds in those little tiny pots. He now is keeping it in his sunny bedroom window. I really think these kits are a lot of fun. We grew sunflowers from a similar kit meant for outside. They did wonderful.

Here are some pictures. Just to show how tiny this kit was. We've been really doing some reading on cactus plants around here lately. Something about the prickly nature of cactus plants has really caught the Boy's attention.

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