Wednesday, February 6, 2008

To market, to market

I still don't have this whole food shopping technique figured out. It became more complicated when my son decided to eat like a growing teenage boy, and less like what I had imagined four year olds eat.

I make meal plans and I budget. Somehow this process still doesn't work out for me. I am still making extra shopping trips throughout the week, which in turn leads to spending extra money. I'm always thinking: "since I'm here anyways I might as well pick up....".

I also tend to pick great items out, only to have them sitting in my house. I am great at buying things that will not go together in a meal. I have lots of pieces of meals, just not one complete meal.

This is what I'm working on. I really need to find a system that will work for me.


Another Mom said...

Boy, does that sound familiar! I've been trying to figure out the whole meal-planning thing for years.

Likestrek said...

Probably because I'm a guy, but, often times, I really don't care if it go together or not. I just eat whatever I have on hand and is easy. In fact, the easier, the better... :)