Sunday, February 3, 2008

The calm

Mr. Nicodemus is feeling much more like himself. A call in to the vet made it clear what I've thought for years. Nicodemus is allergic to Clavamox. So, it's been noted in his chart, and he's back on Zithromax. And, can I tell you he is a completely different cat. He isn't sneezing as much and his tummy is getting better. He's been eating, thank God! And, Our Lovely Life had a wonderful suggestion in the comments before for getting sick kitties to eat. So, thank you again!

The Boy and I finally got around to starting some new avocado seeds this week. My pictures didn't come out very clear, but it was a lot of fun. We had a very big avocado plant in Maine, but since it was winter we never got around to planting it.

After all that hard work, we had three seeds started. Only to be questioned by my husband the next morning about how we had placed them in the water. I put them in upside down. So, we are peeling new ones tomorrow...pointy side of seed up.

If you want to try doing this, it is really fun. Plus, you get to eat the avocado first! Here are some instructions: Growing Avocadoes from Seeds and Grow an Avocado Tree!.

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Our Lovely Life said...

I'm glad to hear that your kitty is feeling better. As you probably can tell, I love animals! So I hate to hear about them being sick!