Friday, May 23, 2008

Dental World

I hate to discuss things such as dental drama on this blog. But, I'm hoping I will feel a bit better just writing it out.

As I have mentioned before, I have a bad history with dentists. I picked up my new occlusal guard last Friday. His assistant was quite rude to me, but I figure she is the least of my worries. When the dentist came in he adjusted it, and sent me on my way. He assured me that if it ever felt like it wasn't fitting right all I needed to do was call so he could make an adjustment again. There would be no charge and it would be easy.

I slept fantastic Friday night. After that I was getting awful teeth pain, beyond my normal TMJD pain. My teeth felt like they were either moving or loose. I called to ask if it was normal on Monday, and for some reason the "scheduling specialist" who for safety reasons I'll call "Bob" never returned with an answer from the dentist. I called Wednesday and "Bob" was quite rude to me, but assured me he'd get back to me.

Thursday we took my son in for his first cleaning at this dentist. All went fantastic because their hygienist is wonderful. When the dentist was done checking my son's teeth and joking about soccer, I asked him if he had a second. He took me into the hall and I asked him my questions. He said "Make an appointment with "Bob". It needs an adjustment."

Easy enough, right? So, my son was given some goodies and I was ready to find out when "Bob" could fit me in. "Bob" wasn't very happy that I needed something. So, when the assistant(have I mentioned she dislikes me now?) came over and started texting on her cell phone, "Bob" interrupted her and said "Cathy has a question." The assistant was clueless. And, her decision was I indeed did not have a valid reason for seeing my dentist. So, they wouldn't schedule a time for me. Apparently having pain is not important enough for a dental visit.

Today I called their office and spoke with "Bob". Here is our conversation, verbatim:

"BOB" : "Mean Dental Office", this is "BOB"."

"Hi "Bob", this is Cathy. How are you today?"

"BOB": Big drawn out sigh. Then, one more drawn out sigh.

"BOB": "I'm OK, Cathy. How are YOU?"

"Not good, "BOB". Thanks for asking. Listen, I need an appointment
with Dr. "Occlusal Guard" for my occlusal guard."

"BOB": "Are you still having pain, Cathy?"

"Yes, and Dr. "Occlusal Guard" wanted to check me."

"BOB": "Can you hold-----SIGH------Cathy?"

"Sure "BOB", THANKS!"

I'm on hold now for a total of 7 minutes. But, I don't hang up, even
though I'm on my cell.

"BOB": "Hello??"

"Hi "BOB"!"

"BOB": "You are still here?"

"Um, yes? You put me on hold."


"BOB": "Um, Cathy. Let's see. SIGH. How about "this time" Tuesday afternoon?"

"Fantastic "BOB", thanks."

"BOB": "Cathy, I spoke with "dental assistant who hates you"........."

"Uh, huh."

"BOB": "She said by Tuesday you will not need an adjustment. It

"Well, "BOB" thanks for telling me. But, if I remember correctly,
"BOB", Dr. "Occlusal Guard" is the one who went to dental school. Right?"

"BOB": ---------

"So, I'll speak with Dr. "Occlusal Guard", not "dental assistant who hates me". Including on Tuesday. I should have been seen yesterday or today like I asked."

"BOB": "Well, "dental assistant who hates you"...."

"I'll be speaking to Dr. "Occlusal Guard" Tuesday. Goodbye "BOB", have a great weekend."


I almost passed out when I was done. It was hard to speak to someone so condescending.

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