Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fear of the Dentist

I have an appointment bright and early tomorrow with a new dentist. This has been causing me extreme stress ever since I called to make the appointment Thursday morning. Part of me was relieved I could get in so fast, but the rest of me felt like I was going to throw up.

I had a really traumatic experience with a dentist 7 years ago. Previously, I didn't "love" the dentist, but I didn't mind going for my cleanings. I am now a hysterical mess by the time I am in the dental chair. The last few visits were with a dentist who was nice, but not someone I felt 100% sure they could actually help me if I had a dental problem. I also had the Boy with me, and that kept me from thinking to much about my own anxiety. I had to put on a show because I don't want to pass on my phobia to my son.

Tomorrow, I will be sitting in that cold chair all by myself. Trying to remind myself that I am going to be OK. They are aware that I am a paranoid dental phobic, and that I have a horrid case of grinding and clenching in my sleep. Hopefully, they will take things step by step with me. Maybe I will have found a new dentist, that is a wonderful as my dentist in Maine. Who is the reason I got my teeth cleaned and cared for after the evil dentist who caused my fear.

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