Saturday, April 26, 2008

Winter Storm

Seems like a misplaced title towards the end of April, doesn't it? This is the title of a book that I just received from UPS yesterday. Winter Storm was written by my cousin. He's been talking about being a writer since we were little kids. To see him achieve one of his dreams is wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading this, and I'm already on chapter 3!

On a side note, when we were growing up I was one of three cousins that were similar in ages. Of course, my other two cousins were boys. I got left in the dust sometimes, and would watch them sneak away on family gatherings. They used to work on multiple things together, including the ever so important comic book readings. But, we also used to visit and probably drive our Grandfather up the wall with our antics. We lost our Grandmother at a young age which I believe brought us even closer. All three of us are still close to this day, and since we were only children growing up, it means even more to me.

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Likestrek said...

You were the reason our grandfather paved the driveway... ;-) Thanks so much for the plug!