Monday, April 28, 2008

Fresh Coconuts

We've been enjoying fresh coconuts here recently. I mean right from the tree fresh, not the dried brown ones you sometimes see at the grocery store. I was skeptical the first time our friend sent some home with my husband. I mean, in Maine we just didn't grow coconuts.

This is our second year of fresh coconuts. We kind of have a method down, because coconuts are not easy to break into. First we drill a hole, for the straw to go through. We drink out the sweet coconut milk, which is very watery. Then my husband cracks it open usually with a hammer and we eat the coconut "jelly".

In trade for these, we pick some mangoes off of our mango tree to give our friend. I cannot remember where he grew up, but he enjoys mangoes when they are green and almost hard. We have more than enough mangoes to go around, so we love sharing them. He eats them as is and makes chutneys. I'll have to try making fresh chutney myself one of these days.


varenia said...

oh my, fresh coconuts in maine! i would give my pinky for a truly fresh coconut right now! how lovely!

Cathy said...

They are delicious! I'm actually in Florida, but I'm from Maine :) Fresh coconuts are one of my favorite parts of moving here.