Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the Garden...... well almost

I have a lot of ideas on how I'd like my backyard garden to look. It's pretty funny because it always turns into something completely different. I have a lot of open space to work with, but I cannot turn my whole back yard into a sea of flowers. The Boy would be very upset that he couldn't swing or play soccer. So, I perimeter garden. Or, I rip up things and move them so I can add even more new plants.

It's never good when I make a trip to the local garden store. I can always find a reason to pick up just one more plant. So, while there with the Husband and Boy yesterday, I was trying to be good. Until my husband pulled out the most beautiful tree. He thought it would work in the front yard, and I didn't need convincing. So, we brought our new tree home.

It's not planted yet, but I will take shots when we get it in. We also got some new mulch made of rubber. Supposedly it won't attract ants and doesn't need to be replaced each year. We shall see.


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