Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teeth, or another dental trip

I returned to my dentist today to pick up my brand new occlusal night guard. I was the last patient of the day, and everyone was happy. My dentist begins his weekend every Thursday night.

I was a bit concerned about the guard fitting right. I have a ton of paranoia with my mouth, plus TMJ issues. It didn't help that when they made the impressions for the night guard, the assistant was having a ton of trouble. I had to have it done not once, not twice, but three times. I felt like they were extracting each and every tooth from my mouth while removing the darn hardened impression.

Either way, today should have been quick. But, because I have fantastic luck at the dentist....the guard didn't fit. It clicked on my back teeth, but not the front teeth. Even more exciting was the fact it could also click on my front teeth, yet somehow not my back teeth.

Instead of sharing even more boring yet gory details, I'll finish up. When a dentist does the brand new impressions HIMSELF, somehow it doesn't hurt. There was no gagging, no sore jaw, and best of all my teeth didn't hurt. So much different than the last visit. My advice if anyone is getting impressions done for some reason, request the dentist.

My new guard will be ready this Wednesday. Let's hope it clicks in perfect, the first time.

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