Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More for the garden

Ever since my Son and Husband made me my arbor, I've been on the hunt for a fast growing vine. After much research I decided the Passion Flower Vine was my favorite. Not just for it's beauty, but for it's butterfly attracting qualities.

While I enjoy taking a trip to big box stores garden center areas, there is nothing like going to a locally owned nursery. The vast array of plants, not to mention the knowledge of the staff cannot be beat. So, yesterday we took a drive out to a local one to pick out some plants.

They only had one of the vines left, so we grabbed it. It had a couple surprises on it too.

We also picked up a Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant. I'm still not sure where to put it. I need to keep it away from my neighbors with the new puppy though. The berries are highly toxic and I don't want a puppy to accidentally take a bite out of it. Of course, that leads me to the plant I grabbed at previously noted big box store.

When I grabbed the beautiful Jatropha, I was unaware that it is poisonous as well. I'm not sure why it says nothing on the tag about this fact, but the Boy is very aware of not eating plants in the garden. With the exception of his blueberry and mulberry trees, He really just loves to water and plant everything else.

Jatropha is also being used for some very positive environmental causes.

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