Saturday, May 10, 2008

Visiting Snake

It seems funny to write about this since one of the books I have out from the library is Climbing the Mango Tree.

My son has been climbing the mango tree in our side yard. It is huge and strong, and we love the mangoes that we eat right from the tree. Now that my son is older, he is able to climb quite high. High enough that I usually get extremely nervous and make my husband climb up too.

A couple days ago while my son was up in the mango tree, my husband reached up and pulled my son down from the tree. I was watering the garden, so I was at a distance. My husband showed me a snake in the tree. He was coiled very tightly, and looking at us. My gut feeling was he wasn't venomous because he would have had plenty of opportunities to attack my son. So after consulting with some lovely gardening people, it turns out it is a yellow rat snake. Very good to have in your yard, and not venomous. They are fairly laid back, and not likely to bite.

Here are some photos of him. Please excuse the quality, I had to switch between two cameras.

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