Saturday, May 17, 2008


I'd say about one half of my neighborhood is vacant and for sale. It's pretty much like that in the majority or my area. The economy has not been kind. I really don't know too many of my neighbors even though we've been in this house 3 years.

We've been doing some major gardening and transplanting the last few days. I can't even remember when we did what. We had just finished planting a new tree in our front yard and were getting ready to water. At some point, someone had left us a beautiful pot with a very sad looking plant in it. The plant is definitely alive, but needs some care. No one was around, and there was no note. I'm not sure if we even were home when they came, or perhaps they didn't want to speak and just left it by the front door.

Either way I do not know what it is. But, I'm going to try to find out and get it to bloom again. It really made me smile that someone left it for us. I just wish I could thank them.

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