Tuesday, June 24, 2008


One of our crazy squirrels stealing something to eat. Normally, I wouldn't post this. But, the noises he was making were too cute not to share.

The Boy

We were woken up way to early, of course, by the Boy roaring into our room. I do mean roaring, like a tiger or lion. He stood at the foot of the bed to recite this: "One!! Two!! Three!!~Three!! Two!! One!!". We of course thought it was fantastic. Now each day he tries to go one number higher. He's up to six at this point, and erupts into a fit of giggles every time he completes it.

He's been sounding out words too. We spend a good chunk of our days reading, because my husband and I both love to read. The Boy naturally joins in, and sometimes "reads" us a story. It is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Cameras and picture taking have been a huge part of our days now. He is using my old camera, and I love to see what he's discovered when we go inside to download them. I can't believe he's going to be five in a few months. They grow so, so fast. I never believed it when people told me that when he was a baby. They were right.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving Forward

First, thank you to everyone who sent such nice emails. Sometimes it feels like I am writing to a huge open space. Thank you for taking the time to email me!

Because I don't have a lot to say, I wanted to share some new pictures from my garden. We've been getting some much needed rain.

~Bell Peppers

~Crepe Myrtle


~Pink Pentas

~White Plumerias

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sitting in a hospital for a few hours at a time, watching doctors and nurses make all sorts of choices about someone you love is painful. Especially when these nurses in particular are blatantly over worked, and still take the time to be caring.

Thankfully, my Dad is OK. We didn't really get any answers, which makes the past few days seem surreal. How can you help someone make changes in their life for the better? Is that even possible? I don't post much private family matters on this blog, but you can email me if you'd like.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What do you do for work?

I've been asked what I do for work at least once a day. I used to answer "Oh, I stay home with my son.". No one blinked an eye when my son was a baby. Now that he is almost five, people seem to pass judgement quicker. Somehow, the comments or eye rolls of strangers makes me feel less secure in our decision for me to stay home to raise our son. Or the comment "Well, once he is in school, what will you do for work?". Which brings up the tedious discussion of homeschooling. I feel like when I tell people we will be homeschooling, they have to jump in with random facts of why public schools are best for children. As if they feel I am somehow judging their own choices.

The thing is, we are doing what we feel is right for our child. I have no judgments on what others choose to do for their families. Of course, just because I stay home with the Boy doesn't mean I don't have other interests. I have many.

While at the hair stylist the other day, she asked me that now dreaded question. To which I stated "At the moment, I stay home with my son." She laughed and said "Well, THAT is work. That is hard work, right??" And, it is, but very rewarding work.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am not really that interested in bread making. I like to eat freshly baked bread, but I'm not into the kneading and work that comes with it. This library book has completely changed my view. The basic bread recipe is so simple that I thought I did it entirely wrong. The results proved otherwise, and I cannot wait to make the other recipes in the book. I am planning on purchasing the book because returning it will be depressing.

This bread was "stolen" quickly by the Boy.

Friday, June 13, 2008


We had a friend over the other night for vegan manicotti. He is not a vegan, but not scared to enter the world of vegan food. This post isn't about how much he enjoyed the vegan manicotti. Nor is it about the flinching that he tried to contain when he asked what the "ricotta" was made from. It's made with a blend of tofu and other secrets.

This is about how he went and found a recipe to bake a vegan cake. I was speechless. It was such a thoughtful gesture, that it caught us off guard. To make the gesture even better, it tasted delicious. He won the boy over instantly. I take awful food photos, but had to show them. This cake tastes even better warmed up. It makes the chocolate get all gooey.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Letting Go

After a long conversation last night, I realize there are a lot of things I really need to finally let go of. Holding on to the negative aspects of my past is just making it difficult to move forward. Allowing those actions of other people to interfere with my life is allowing them to still have a grip on my life today.

I tend to draw in people who are negative. I've always befriended or been nice to those who stir up drama. I still get approached by strangers almost daily who want to share their problems or life with me. I always listen and offer a kind word, but then their pain seems to dwell within me for awhile. I think about it, and wonder how they are.

I also give certain people the benefit of the doubt. Even though, in most situations I should have let them go. I'm tired of spending the majority of my time with pent up anxiety and sadness that I should be moving on from.

I'm lucky that I have a wonderful husband. I am happy that my son can make me laugh at the drop of a hat. He changed my life, as I mention frequently on this blog. I am lucky that I went out on my own at 18, and made a life with my husband who was then my boyfriend.

So, putting this out there gives me something to be accountable for. I will go back to doing yoga daily. And, my first phone call this morning will be to my chiropractor. I should have called her long before. But, for now, the Boy and I are going to drink our smoothies in the lanai.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On Being Polite

I've always made a point of not forcing the Boy to say "Thank You", "Please" and "Your Welcome". I found if we just let him see us use these terms, it worked better. He picked it up early, and we were complimented on how polite he was at such a young age. Of course, there are days when he refuses to acknowledge anyone, but I chalk it up to random moods. After all, I don't always feel like being friendly either.

Today he was making the agonizing hour long decision about what he wanted to eat for lunch, and he decided on an almond butter and jelly sandwich. As we were walking out to the kitchen to make it he stood there with his hands on his hips and said loudly "Make my sandwich and cut OFF the crusts!!!!!!!!" I turned to look at him and said "That isn't how we ask for things, is it? How do we ask for things?" And he turned with this crazy grin and said "Mama, PLEASE make me an almond butter and jelly sandwich. You are the prettiest, nicest, silliest Mama in the whole wide world. Thank you VERY much."

He cracks me up. I let him cut the crusts off.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We've been doing a lot of thinking around here. Which usually results in reading more books than normal. Sometimes that includes finding "news" articles that make me worry. Although, I've been known to worry at the drop of a hat.

The following articles make me grateful that we have the opportunity to join a local C.S.A. We know the farmers and the apprentices, and can visit the land they grow our food on. It's also organic and sustainable.


~Food Dyes

This articles frightens me.:

~Disinfecting Wipes

And, because I am a Florida resident, this is always in the back of my mind.:

~Hurricane season 2008

But, on a positive note, we are hoping to take a road trip up north this year. Spending some time in Boston and Maine would be a nice break.