Sunday, December 23, 2007

The shortest day, the longest night

On Saturday we casually celebrated the Winter Solstice. It was actually a beautiful day here, and it started out cooler than average. After we spend the morning with Bubba, we went home for some lunch and planning.

The Boy and I decided to string some puffed corn with fresh cranberries. There was no popcorn in the house, but I had read puffed corn is OK. This worked out well, but I'm pretty sure the lizards and ants are the ones actually eating it. I'm hoping the squirrels see it too. The birds do not seem to be interested, of course there are a lot of natural berries available for them right now. They aren't searching the way they would if we had snow.

The Boy picked a spot to plant his Solstice tree. He wanted to be able to see it from the window. We both dug the hole, added some good soil and planted it. I think it will enjoy it's home. Most of the plants around that section of our yard have flourished.

We also enjoyed the beautiful night. We went for a drive to the country. There is a family who decorate, which is an understatement, with lights all over their fields, house and pond. I couldn't get a decent picture, but it was amazing. The moon was huge over us, and while staring up into it an owl landed right above on a telephone pole. Majestic is the only word that comes to mind.

It was a beautiful day and night. We are almost fully prepared for Christmas, but lots of baking is going to be happening on Christmas Eve.

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