Friday, December 14, 2007

Over the fence

We had a new spotting in our back yard recently. On the way out Saturday morning, I forgot our sunglasses. The Boy stayed in the back yard doing his routine of "running faster than the cheetahs". All of a sudden I heard him running through our lanai yelling "there is a boy on the fence and he's talking to me!!" I immediately had all sorts of visions, none of which turned out to be the situation. There was a quick sighting of a red head peeking over the fence. He jumped down once he saw me. He did pop up one more time, and my son took advantage to tell him every single thing we were going to be doing that morning.

The Boy has been keeping his eye out for the red headed fellow. We never get the chance to actually know the neighbors behind us because it is a rental. No one ever seems to stay very long. After a while, we figured he was a rare sighting.

Until last night. Those little hands were seen on the fence. Shortly after, the red head popped over. Oh, the humor of a four and six year old talking. The words that clenched my heart were from my son, "I've been waiting to see you ALL week!!" There was a lot of name spelling, talk of spiderman, soccer, football, golf, get the idea. It all lasted a short while until our new friend needed to go in to eat.

I'm hoping this works out. We don't have much luck finding friends in the neighborhood, so my son is really hoping to see him again.

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