Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nursing School

I can't really turn back now. I just finished submitting my application to take the pre-requisites I need before entering the nursing program at a local college. I am mailing off transcript requests and getting my FAFSA figured out.

It's funny because before I was pregnant my husband and I were discussing moving out to Oregon. They were offering a fantastic program for students who studied to become nurses. If you stayed in Oregon for a certain amount of time, your nursing school debt would be forgiven. We opted against it in the end.

I only need two classes before I can officially apply to the nursing program. And, of course, they cannot be taken together. One is human biology and the other one is anatomy and physiology 1. I also need to pass some critical thinking type exam, which I not excited about taking!

I'll be taking night classes so I can stay home with the Boy. I'm hoping I'll survive the transition back into college. It's been awhile.

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