Monday, July 14, 2008

The Boy's Thoughts

We've been having rain here quite a bit lately, which made us decide to head out and get the Boy some rain galoshes. He has been wearing them non-stop. Sometimes he calls them his work boots. Either way, I'm considering getting myself a pair for gardening. Especially after seeing how many weeds are running rampant on my patio and IN my raised garden!

A new family moved in a few months ago, and the woman was pregnant. We don't know them very well, although the Boy speaks to their daughter on occasion. Friday there was suddenly a ton of decoration all over the outside yard and house. The Boy was very excited when we came home and saw them. I told him the woman must be having a baby shower or she might have had her baby. He was extremely excited.

While outside later, the Boy turned to my husband and said "You know, the new neighbors either had their baby or were having a baby bath!!!"

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