Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yesterday was the Boy's fifth birthday. He is so excited to be five. When he woke up he immediately stretched out as much as possible on his bed. Then he asked "Did I grow overnight? I'm FIVE now. I must be much bigger!!" Of course I told him he was.

This birthday made me a bit wistful. Even though I love the boy he is becoming, I so miss how much of the "babyness" he has grown out of. He still loves to cuddle and give hugs, thankfully. Plus, there still is a bit of that cherub look in his face. He's turned into such a character.

Here are a couple pictures from our day. Those are cupcake cones. I had never made these before, but even though a couple exploded(!) in the oven, they were delicious. They taste better than they look. They boy was thrilled!

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Likestrek said...

So ice cream cones are "vegan-approved"? I never really considered what they are actually made of before...I'm sure they are tastier than they look but they do look good! And a new truck! Yay!