Friday, September 26, 2008

Neighbor Cat is Back

I wrote about this particular cat here. I have seen her in my yard every so often, and she had kittens in the spring.

After speaking with neighbors, I found out that she used to belong to a family who lived on the left side of my house about five years ago. When they moved, they abandoned her and left her to roam. My neighbors used to leave food for her outside. By the time we bought this house almost four years ago, the woman who lives on the right side of my house had been taking care of her.

Well, she got rid of all her stuff and bought a bus ticket to California. And, unfortunately left this cat behind. I didn't realize, until seeing her a few months back. Someone must have been feeding her as she didn't look thin or sick.

Last evening I was taking the trash to the trash cans. I saw her laying behind on of my cans. It's a very sheltered area. She didn't move, run or even look at me. She's such a skittish cat that I became worried. I spoke to her. All she did was look up. She was skin and bones, and look just plain sick.

I was afraid she was dying. So, just in case, I brought her water and food. When I placed it in front of her she got up and was scared. I spoke again to her, she relaxed and started eating and drinking. She was starving. I left some more food and water for her overnight. I checked this morning and could not find her. I would be reassured that the food was eaten, except I live in Florida. Who knows what could have eaten it. I am hoping it was her.

I'm not sure what to do. If I find her today, I'm calling our vet to see what she recommends. Poor kitty. She must feel abandoned and alone.

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