Sunday, December 28, 2008

Houseplants and fungus gnats

I'm pretty new to houseplants. Actually, with the exception of two rather large "lucky bamboo" plants I have in my kitchen and a couple of cactus plants, I only plant things outdoors. I recently have been reading and getting more interested in growing indoors.

After some random trips to garden centers, I ended up falling in love with the golden pothos. It is pretty fool proof according to all the books I've read, and it also looks nice hanging in my house. OK, so I ended up buying four. Three for us, and one for a gift for my Mom.

I noticed that we seemed to have some "fruit flies" hanging around. No big deal, considering I live in Florida. Right?

Well, then I realized they were living in my beautiful newly potted golden pothos plants. Not on the plants, but in the soil. So, after much research, I have concluded they are a common pest called fungus gnats. And, I had to inform my Mom that I gave her an infested houseplant.

If anyone knows of another solution to the problem, feel free to tell me. But, for now I'm trying the solution I found on gardenweb. Soak a mosquito dunk in water, and when it is fully dissolved water the plants with it. It should kill all the larvae without causing any environmental issues in my home. I guess sometimes you have to do it a couple cycles, but they do not harm your plant. Oh, and apparently they don't harm humans either!

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