Sunday, August 3, 2008


The other night I woke up hearing a very loud thud. I immediately ran in to check the Boy, but he was sound asleep. So, I woke up my husband who didn't hear a thing. We looked around, but we didn't see anything. Eventually, we decided to just go back to bed. I think my husband thought I was crazy.

While pulling into our driveway last night, my husband said "What is that on our roof?" I looked up and there was a fairly large rock sitting up there. Apparently that was the noise I heard. How it got up there? We can guess, but probably won't ever know.

We were arriving home from our local "mall". I quote it because it's hard for me to accept that it lives up to the name "mall". I was trying on some shorts for our upcoming trip, and in the rush didn't notice the ink security tag. I only realized the back was off the security tag when it gouged the side of my thigh. I'm hoping it only ripped open my leg and not numerous others before me.

We're heading out on our trip today. Our friend is checking in on the Cat and fish. Hopefully they will behave for him.

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